First Spanish Scaling Up Course - August 2019

At IMAGO, we work with organizations eliminating poverty to build capacity and scale impact in a way that respects their unique context and strengths. This year, we have continued to search for creative ways to share our experience and methodologies with organizations working on the ground to transform their communities. The course Scaling Up for Social Impact is our newest proposal for organizations that want to take the time to think about building and strengthening the foundations that organizations need to take their project, business or organization to reach more people, better. We held three of these gatherings this year. 

To launch the Southern Cone office in Paraguay, we held our first scaling up course in Spanish and on August 30, 2019 gathered 9 organizations from Paraguay, NGOs, social enterprises and the public sector. From social enterprises aiming to revolutionize access to prosthetics throughout the country to intrapraneurs seeking to transform a public agency to preserve Paraguayan handicrafts by promoting the creation and marketing of quality products to positively impact of life of artisans in Paraguay, this was a day full of learning and growth.

This course also showed us that there is immense potential in Paraguay to help organizations scale both nationally and internationally. We were astonished by the innovations that were shared with us during this day. The 9 organizations that participated are:

  1. Instituto Paraguayo de Artesanía (IPA): The Paraguayan Institute of Crafts is a national entity that aims to position and preserve Paraguayan handicrafts as national heritage and identity by promoting the creation and marketing of quality products to positively impact of life of artisans in Paraguay. 
  2. TECHO Paraguay: TECHO is an organization with a presence in 19 countries in Latin America that seeks to help millions of people living in settlements overcome poverty through the joint action of the community and young volunteers. In Paraguay, TECHO works with families and communities to access emergency housing.
  3. Po Paraguay: Po is a nonprofit organization for the development and manufacture of 3D printed prostheses. Using technology, Po significantly decreases the cost of traditional prostheses with the objective of providing access and dignity regardless of payment capacity. 
  4. A Todo Pulmón: A todo pulmón is a non-profit that designs, develops and implements campaigns and comprehensive environmental projects in order to raise awareness, promote good practices for sustainable production and generate strategies that help mitigate the effects of climate change. They organize plantations as well as a national competition to protect trees that has great potential for scale. 
  5. Candela: Candela is a social enterprise selling cleaning products that are produced by people with intellectual disabilities. Candela is an integral labor inclusion project that seeks to generate an alternative look at inclusion by promoting a human development program that considers, above all, the individual needs of each worker.
  6. La Fábrica Social: La Fabrica Social is a social enterprise offering affordable housing solutions that are of high quality, offered in modules, prefabricated and financed. FS is a spinoff of Techo Paraguay, an investor in the firm, also aiming to create an income generating activity. 
  7. Centro Cultura Melodía: Centro Cultural Melodía (CCM) is an organization that aims to provide educational and cultural development opportunities in the community of Villa Hayes, a town about 40 km from Asunción, the capital city of Paraguay. The center serves as an essential link between various organizations, public and private institutions, and individuals to offer a unique service to the community. It has a library that is open to the public, and access to virtual libraries for students, with free internet access, to conduct research activities. The CCM also provides school support classes, and other joint and complementary activities. The organization has developed a participatory development model that they want to scale nationally. 
  8. Fundación Tierra Nuestra - Sonidos de la Tierra: Asociación Tierra Nuestra is a non-profit that aims to support the sustainable development of people and of communities, promoting the construction of citizenship by strengthening their capacity to learn and organize, through education, music and the promotion of leadership. Its main project, Sonidos de la Tierra, is an innovative program that uses music to form good citizens and reduce poverty. A new orchestra called H2O is also focused on promoting sustainable practices for taking care of the environment through music. Most importantly, Tierra Nuestra has developed a methodology to transform communities by involving and strengthening all local actors to become the owners and key protagonist of the process. They are ready to take this to the world. 

We are so excited to continue to work with this organization as they discover the different pathways to scale up their projects! Next year, we will be conducting a new course in Paraguay, and are also thrilled to bring this course to Colombia and Ecuador. 

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