Lucila Arboleya and Kerry Yang with Kapilaben, President of SEWA

Lucila Arboleya and Kerry Yang with Kapilaben, President of SEWA

IMAGO works with interns who are in the process of obtaining their Masters degree in economic development. Recruitments occur twice a year, once in December and once in the summer. Internship assignments include both work in the field (South Asia and Latin America) as well as in our headquarters (Washington DC).

Calls for application will be posted to this website.

Testimonies from our interns

“Through my work with SEWA, I grew to truly appreciate the IMAGO way. IMAGO’s methodology of co-creating and working directly with grassroots on the ground sets it apart from other development organizations. For me personally, it was truly a transformative experience to be able to learn from women who had benefited from and protected the SEWA way of life for generations. Every day in India and DC was filled with dynamic interviews, focus groups, and challenging but productive problem-solving sessions with the IMAGO team. The IMAGO management and board, who come from a wide variety of geographies and functions, imparted colorful wisdom that not only informed our work but also my career ambitions. I am truly grateful for my experience with IMAGO, it has been the highlight of my graduate school career!”                           -Kerry Yang

“IMAGO’s co-creative way of working helped me realize that strategies are strongest when taking into account all the different stakeholders and voices. This means taking time to talk to people, to ask questions, to listen, and to see before rushing into conclusions and recommendations. When I worked with IMAGO supporting SEWA in India, we focused not only on understanding the organizational challenges, but also on how the SEWA women lived and how being a member of SEWA had changed them. Finally, the best thing about working in IMAGO was to be constantly reminded that heart is key to the development challenges.”      -Lucila Arboleya

“IMAGO is working with some of the most inspiring grassroots organizations and social enterprises and focusing on their toughest issues around scaling. Working with IMAGO has been one of the most exciting and illuminating experiences I’ve had in grad school. IMAGO has provided me with amazing mentors like Isabel Guerrero and Michael Walton, who put a lot of trust in me. IMAGO also has shown me the promise in grassroots development, as well as the complexity in scaling such organizations. I feel very grateful to have been a part of this effort.”  -Taylor Ray