The Latin American Inca Empire based all its communication on a network of long-distance runners known as “Chaskys”. A Chasky was the personal emissary of King Inka. Running through a relay modality with other Chaskys, it efficiently delivered information, messages or objects in all latitudes of Tawantinsuyu. The Chaskys had physical and communicative training, aimed at optimizing the speed of information transmission and their fidelity to the original message.

 The Spaniards were so impressed with the efficiency of the Chaskys that they kept this communication mechanism in place during the Viceroyalty of Peru. Pedro Cieza de León, a Spanish chronicler, wrote: “The Incas invented a post system that was the best that one could think or imagine… the news could not have been transmitted through a greater speed than with the fastest horses". “The Chaskys were like the fiber optics of the Inkas. They ran from one post to another to transmit the messages through the Tawuantinsuyo. Thus, a message from Quito to Cuzco arrived in 4 days”.

 For IMAGO, a great Chasky is our friend, Carlos Chango, a Harvard University graduate with a Master of Public Administration in International Development. Carlos is the founder of i-Chasky, a social company that bases all his work on this successful communication experience. The “i” before Chasky comes from inspiration, intercultural, indigenous, interconnectivity and innovation. In this article, Carlos tells us about his experience working with indigenous communities and the desire to scale a dream based on his values and culture.

iChasky: Scaling Up Dreams 
Carlos Chango, CEO

At iChasky, we work daily to help people believe in themselves. We are an Ecuadorian social enterprise with the mission of improving the world through the formation of people who, believing in themselves, achieve their dreams. Dreams move the world; there is great power in each person who, when convinced that she or he is doing the right thing, achieves it in spite of any circumstance.

 For this, our iChasky methodology relies on ancestral values, such as:

 Ama killa: don't be lazy

Ama llulla: don't be a liar, and

Ama shwa: don't be a thief.

This is combined with:

Ranti – Ranti: mutualism and selfless solidarity, and

Minka: collective work for a common benefit.

 At iChasky we dream of a world of people convinced of themselves, empowered with their ideals, responsible for their development and with a victorious attitude to overcome any adversity. To do this, we specialize in:

 → Increasing self-esteem and self-confidence through participatory motivational processes.

→ Improving self-knowledge through individual, group and community coaching sessions.

→ Training people capable of overcoming their own fears, challenges and doubts, through of human growth, effective communication and leadership programs.

→ Generating a network of “Chaskys” in Latin America and the world to share learnings, put them at the service of others and collectively build a better world.

 Three of our clients with whom we are improving the world are: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung from Honduras, UNACEM in Ecuador S.A. and FAO Ecuador.

 At iChasky we are convinced that when people and organizations believe in themselves and look at scaling up as their dream of life, they will find multiple ways, whether they exist or not, until they achieve it.

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