Our organization was set up in 2009 by 5 young single mothers in a discussion to highlight their plight because they had been rejected in their homes by their families for having children out of wedlock and yet still in school.  In much of Uganda and Africa at large, giving birth out of wedlock is seen as a taboo. Yet in the Bakonzo community where this organization is based, it is even worse, sometimes even prompting corporal punishment for the victim.      

The founding members are:
Mbambu Zelina
Mbambu Dorothy
Biira Madina
Kabugho Farida
Sausi Zulfa                                                                                                                                                                                             

Our Vision and Mission

The purpose as explained earlier was to kick out the injustices against them by their families and their troubles coping and adjusting to the pressures of social exclusion. We envision a world where single mothers are treated with dignity and we wish to see their living standards rise. 

To this end, we have struggled to begin fledgling enterprises such as knitting, tailoring (all these with tools supplied recently by WorkAid, UK), and growing tree seedlings for sale with both the aim to curb the adverse effects of climate change and also to earn an income.  As well, we have had trainings in women's reproductive health, microcredit, and savings from experienced practitioners. 

We are; however, curtailed by resource constraints and our reach us as result affected. If we could get useful partnerships and linkages maybe we could reach a bigger audience of people of our kind so we can collectively harness each other's talents towards our universal goal of a better world.

Our Aims

  1. To uplift single mothers from conditions of neglect and deprivation in their families.
  2. To empower them with skills that may lead them to self-sustenance e.g. skills in tailoring, knitting, etc
  3. Sensitize them against engaging in immoral activities for a livelihood highlighting the dangers in those activities.
  4. To reach out to more young single mothers in the community with the goal of bringing them on board with our objectives.
  5. Start income generation through engagement in activities such as; microcredit, poultry farming, creation of small enterprises, making of handicrafts, etc

Our Achievements 

  1. Trainings in women’s reproductive health.
  2.  Single mothers in our group now have the basic skills that would enable them to make a basic start in life in areas such as tailoring, knitting, etc.
  3. A nursery bed project in Kisinga sub country, Bukonzo East county of Kasese district.
  4. A duck rearing project funded by CART Yorkshire, a UK Charitable trust.

While we have accomplished many great things, resource constraints limit our reach, and we are looking for your support to strengthen our organization's current initiatives while expanding our reach to other single mothers beyond our current membership. By doing so, you can provide the means for young single mothers to grow their skills and strengthen their livelihood outcomes.

 Get involved

Your support could help us with the following initiatives, which reflect our community's immediate needs:

  1. The strengthening of livestock-based cooperatives to create a reliable income source for those involved.
  2. Increased access to clean water.
  3. More trainings in areas as diverse as medical, briquette making and selling, etc
  4. Access to vocational trainings
  5. Programs that increase literacy and numeracy rates amongst young single mothers.

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