Scaling Up for Social Impact

IMAGO's hands-on course designed to help organizations take their social innovations to the next level.  

In our last course, 100% of participants agreed that the course helped them answer critical questions their organizations are facing as they look to scale up.


  • Price: from USD $720 
  • Duration: 2 days, 9:30am-5:30pm
  • Date: 2020, to be confirmed



Designed and led by Harvard Kennedy School and Georgetown faculty, and drawing from experience scaling up in different institutional settings, this clinic will help answer some of the critical questions organizations often face as they look to scale up. It will provide you with an analytical framework to help your organization understand the different pathways to scale, and challenge you to rethink and reassess the strategy, operations and systems needed to reach it. 


This course will equip you with:
-A better understanding of the nuances involved in scaling, as well as an understanding of the different options for scaling 

-An analytical framework to prepare for scaling up

-Lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid from organizations who have been able to successfully scale
-A deeper understanding of the necessary foundation your organization will need to build in order to be able to scale
-Tools derived from Lean Impact methodology
-Leadership for scaling up and collective leadership
-A better understanding of how evidence needs to be built from the beginning in order to learn and adapt through the scaling up process


This two day workshop is for organizations with social innovations that have shown initial success and are looking to take them to the next level. This is not a  course for startups, but rather is for organizations that have already been working for several years in the development field. The course will run from 9:30-5:30 each day, and lunch and coffee will be provided. 


Isabel Guerrero is the Executive Director of IMAGO and  also teaches at the Harvard Kennedy School a course on "Scaling Up for Development Impact" as well as Executive Education for the Schwabb Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs and the Bernard Van Leer Foundation. Isabel is an economist that worked at the World Bank for most of her professional life, including as VP for South Asia and Country Director for Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Mexico, Peru, and Paraguay. 

Mohini Malhotra is a development economist, organizational facilitator, and founder and CEO of Shakti LLC, a social art venture to better women and girl's lives globally. She teaches at Georgetown University, and provides strategic consulting and organizational development services to several international development organizations. She worked at the World Bank from 1995-2014 in various leadership capacities.

Nicole Hod is a Master of Public Administration at the Harvard Kennedy School and a Fellow at the Center for Public Leadership (CPL). Nicole has international experience in social innovation, international development and philanthropy. She has led holistic transformative capacity-building processes to dozens of grassroots NGOs throughout Colombia, contributed to the empowerment and socio-economic development of over 70 Bedouin women in Israel's Negev desert, and co-founded ANU-Making Change.

To register for the course, please fill out this form and complete the payment below. Cancellations made within 2 weeks of the course date will be charged a $300 cancellation fee. Please direct questions about payment or the course to Greta Sloan, If the course fills, the next dates will be October 16 and 17th, 2019. 

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Responses from anonymous course feedback:

Thank you! The connection was very deep and authentic these past two days. I feel like I found my people! Thank you for all the learning and sharing!

Challenging the way we do things currently, giving us a framework for evaluating and potentially changing our organization.

Space to reflect.  Deep expertise and experience with relevant recommendations. Generosity of spirit-your team really dug in to try and understand to give the best possible consultation with limited information.

The sessions were applied, but were also sessions that inspired.

Interactive and fun and useful.

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