IMAGO’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic is grounded in compassion, empathy, and bolstering resilience. Our team is continuing to serve, support, and share our resources with partners, clients, and other communities to affect change.

A message from our Executive Director:

We are in the midst of a transformation. Societal and personal. The longer the lockdowns and the disruption, the higher the possibility of real, deep change.

We feel the pain of injustice that has been made so clear in the US this past week on top of the pain brought by COVID 19 and the lockdowns. So large that there is a growing recognition that this crisis is a call for change, to reset the system in which we were living, to not go back to normal but to create a new society. People are ready for real, deep change and influential leaders are calling for  a diverse, inclusive, slower, and more local new normal.

This call happens to come when there are many seeds of that new system already germinating around the world from young climate activities to grassroots transforming livelihoods, some of which we work with.

Our job right now is to move away from the traditional experts to listening to these voices, including the poor and vulnerable. They have a lot to contribute to building this new world. In this newsletter, we share some of these voices and the learning we are seeing emerge. Although sometimes our reality seems dark and hopeless, these prototypes of the new world give us hope that our global cocoon is about to become a butterfly.

Isabel Guerrero
Co-Founder and Executive Director

What we are doing:

Our team is continuing the work with our all our clients through virtual workshops and coaching, as well as research projects by our summer fellows. For more information on their exciting work, click here.  Scaling the impact of the organizations we work with has never been more important as they help their members through the pandemic and we all adjust to the new normal.

IMAGO has been rolling out, through 18 newly designed sessions, our immediate response to the crisis. Although they have been tailor made for each organization, there are two strands:

1. Sensemaking Session

A 90-minute workshop to help organizations take stock of the situation, understand how it has affected everyone at different levels, and look into the future to respond in the short and medium term.

2. Resilience Session

A 90-minute workshop where organizations have a safe space to reflect on the strengths that we are discovering at a personal and organizational level and to talk about stress management and self-care.

An update on our clients:

Prototypes of the new world:

Pratham, India:

Through WhatsApp videos, SMS and key partnerships, over 50,000 teachers and 850,000 children and adolescents in grades 1 through 12 connect daily receiving lessons and messages by age and learning levels.

SEWA, India:

SEWA believes that in times of crisis, work is a healer. Besides raising awareness about best hygiene practices, members turned to home-based work making masks and other products in over 20,000 households.

Poverty Stoplight:

The PS, a bottom-up approach to solve multidimensional poverty created COVID-19 indicators to connect emerging needs to solutions addressing the crisis and mapping resources for organizations and users to connect.