Carlos Chango
Advisor, Indigenous Issues and Leadership
  • Advisor, Indigenous Issues and Leadership
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Carlos has accumulated experience working outside of Ecuador in countries such as the United States, Honduras, Guatemala, and Kazakhstan. In Ecuador, he has held positions in the Dutch Cooperation, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry Coordinator of Production, Employment, and Competitiveness, National Secretariat for Planning and Development, Cooperative Ambato and Pronaca. He is currently the co-founder and CEO of iChasky consulting, a social company whose mission is to improve the world through the formation of people who, believing in themselves, achieve their dreams. He is Kichwa from Chibuleo San Francisco, an indigenous community located in the province of Tungurahua at the central Andes of Ecuador. He holds an Agricultural Engineering degree from Zamorano, is an Ontological Coach certified with the Newfield Network, and has a Masters in Public Administration in International Development from Harvard University.