El Sistema Orchestra performing with G. Dudamel conducting

Changing Lives Through Music, El Sistema

El Sistema is a publicly financed social program founded more than 40 years ago in Venezuela. The program promotes the values of citizenship and fosters access and social inclusion for children and young people across sectors and social classes through the instruction and collective practice of music. Today, El Sistema reaches approximately 700,000 young musicians across Venezuela, it’s youth orchestra travels the world performing and its ideas and methods have made inroads in countries and communities around the globe.

In the summer of 2017, El Sistema worked with IMAGO to explore the potential for growing its international reach and brand, while holding on to the passion and mission of the founding movement — to touch the lives of young people from all walks of life. IMAGO’s work with a core group of staff and stakeholders collaboratively examined the the El Sistema’s programmatic essence, business model, and theory of change in the global context.