Cinepop's inflatable screens

Exploring new business models for scale with Cinepop

Cinepop is a remarkable social enterprise bringing entertainment to low income groups, as a mechanism for strengthening community in Mexico. Cinepop’s unique service brings huge inflatable screens to show films for free in low income Mexican municipalities, where many small towns, cities and neighborhoods in Mexico still have limited or no access to a cinema.

IMAGO worked with Cinepop as the organization explored shifting their business model to one that was more diversified, more consistent, and potentially less extractive interaction with Mexico’s poor.

CINEPOP is a true base of the pyramid social enterprise, in both the “social” and “enterprise” sense. Bringing community together provides scope social cohesion as well as specific social action, such as educating the community on health and nutrition information.  The enterprise part, in the spirit of the Prahalad’s original formulation of the Base of the Pyramid as a market opportunity, involves offering marketing services to large firms who want to reach the low-income part of the market. The cinema itself is central as a focal, convening point, but is only one part of a sophisticated marketing system.

IMAGO is proud to have been a part of this exploratory phase for Cinepop as they consider remaking their endeavor in the face of changing funding models and adherence to thier true social enterprise mission.