The PCIC team contemplates the beginning of thier system map during IMAGO workshop

Improving Healthcare Safety Nets with PCIC

Patient Care Intervention Center (PCIC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve healthcare quality and costs for the vulnerable at the community level through data integration and care coordination.

PCIC identifies the gaps in care coordination and provides a framework for measurable outcomes, improvement and cost reduction. The organization works across disciplines and creates a more effective safety net system for Harris County (Texas) patients.

IMAGO’s work with PCIC began in 2016, collaborating to help enhance the system-wide organizational infrastructre to measure and meet the needs of the High Needs Health Care Patients. IMAGO’s continuing work with PCIC will include support in creating the conditions to sustainably scale up PCIC’s unique health systems intervention to reach more frontline health care workers and patients.