Poverty Stoplight Family

Participatory Poverty Alleviation with Fundación Paraguaya

Fundación Paraguaya is a self-sustainable NGO that has spearheaded microfinance and entrepreneurship in Paraguay for the last 30 years. It works with practical innovations to eliminate poverty including: a micro-credit program that serves nearly 90,000 micro-entrepreneurs, a program for entrepreneurial education for young people, and a program for self-financed farming high schools in Paraguay and the rest of the world.

One of its most recent innovations is the Poverty Stoplight, which is powerful tool in overcoming one of poverty’s toughest challenges — behavior change at the individual level .

IMAGO has been working since August 2016 with the Poverty Stoplight on a scaling up strategy that should make the Stoplight a global reference of choice for participatory poverty analysis and action. This five year strategy defines the specific steps that are needed to make the Stoplight’s methodology translatable across different cultural and economic contexts as well as financially self-sustaining across the world.

The Poverty Stoplight, and the amazing and hard-working people behind it, sparks the capacity to change the world one step at a time with the poor at the center of the diagnosis and in charge of deciding actionable plans to change the many dimensions of poverty.