Seeking Equal Opportunity with Transform Rural India

Transform Rural India is a civil society organization working to bring equal opportunities to India’s poorest, supporting them in their journey to prosperity, dignity and a better life.

TRI supports NGOs working at the grassroots, bringing together multiple partners across civil society, government, public sectors, and commercial enterprises on a single “impact platform“, to promote and foster collaborative relationships among communities. Their work includes preparing communities to drive their own change process, accelerating rural prosperity, building strong market linkages and developing market solutions, and mobilizing support from state governments.

IMAGO’s work with TRI began in early 2015 to help the organization scale their impact, support their efforts at engaging diverse stakeholders and affecting collective impact. This engagement includes co-creating an organizational theory of change, supporting their development of a results framework, cultivating their partnership development with rural partners and the thematic NGOs that are a part of their network and collaboratively developing training modules for key actors in the system. IMAGO is excited and challenged by our continued engagement with TRI as the organzation strives to exand equal opportunity to rural India.