System mapping with the Financiera Sustentable team.

Preparing to Scale with Financiera Sustentable

Financiera Sustentable (FS) started operations in February 2013, with a team of two people, supporting public transporters to acquire new trucks by using natural gas vehicles. Today, FS is a team of 80 people and with a diversified portfolio of products, still specializing in public transportation micro-entrepreneurs. The organization’s long-term focus is on small businesses and micro enterprises that support the base of the pyramid. These types of business are often excluded from access to traditional financing structures but have the potential for greatest impact.

After five years of operations and rapid growth, Financiera Sustentable is collaborating with IMAGO to collectively take stock of their potential for the future. A primary focus of IMAGO’s initial work with the organization is to forge a strategic direction for the next phase of Financiera Sustentable’s growth. This work includeds supporting FS staff and board to coalesce around a shared vision of how Financiera Sustentable can prepare to become a bank by 2030.