Strategic Review of Seva Mandir

Seva Mandir is a grassroots organization that implements programs across more than 700 villages in southern Rajasthan. The programs seek to improve people’s material well being as well as cultivate stronger communities. It has worked for decades in some of the poorest parts of Rajasthan, committed to furthering social justice, improved living conditions, gender equality and equitable deliberative local processes. It has had an special emphasis on managing common resources, of pastureland and forestry, and providing basic health and education services.

Through extensive consultation with Seva Mandir’s management team, thorough review of existing documentation, and field visits, IMAGO’s team provided a strategic review of the organization’s past, present, and future strategy. The reflective and collaborative process came at a unique time as shifts in the external environment in which Seva Mandir operates impact both the people it serves and the demands on the organization itself.

IMAGO’s report recognized the many strength’s that make Seva Mandir such a vital and sustainable organization in the thousands of communities that it serves. It also revealed a few key choices and strategic tensions that Seva Mandir faces moving forward.

Seva Mandir welcomed the challenges that the review posed with open arms and seem ready and willing to move forward with the changes that will allow them to continue to serve the people of Rajasthan.

Read Seva Mandir’s newsletter article on the strategic review process with IMAGO.