A breakout session at PI's Theory U

Strengthening a Movement with Presencing Institute

The Presencing Institute (PI) creates social technologies, builds capacities, and generates holding spaces for profound societal renewal. This community works to shift the economy from ego to eco, and toward serving the well-being of all. PI’s framework, Theory U, says that the quality of the results that a system creates is a function of the awareness from which the people in that system operate. PI has helped create a global ecology of laboratories, projects, programs, and initiatives that link partners in business, government, and civil society. The online community of PI has grown to over 70,000 members. This includes the work in the U.school which is as a global platform for helping a new generation of eco-system entrepreneurs to act more creatively and intentionally and to be more connected.

IMAGO worked with the PI team in February 2017. Our challenge was to help them think about a scaling up strategy that provides PI with the tools to reach more people while maintaining their commitment to the movement. There is a global growing movement that embraces the shift from ego to eco that Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer describe so well in Leading From the Emerging Future . Otto’s thought leadership has become especially important at this time of transition from an old system to the emergence of a new world, which we are still trying to understand.

There are many amazing prototypes of innovative ways to provide well-being for all, especially at the grassroots level and the Base of the Pyramid where IMAGO does most of its work. Scaling up PI’s impact in the world is a way to connect these prototypes of the new world in such a way that a new system can emerge. The work IMAGO did with PI was designed to find a way to grow this movement, building a sustainable business model that can reach more people, including those that are not part of the educated elite.