IMAGO works with organizations around the world to scale up their development impact and co-create the preconditions for scale while remaining true to their values.

Working with the Public Sector

IMAGO works with organizations, programs and teams in the public sector to help them face their unique challenges. Our work recognizes that the frontier for governments to achieve sustainable development impact centers on three main issues:

Last mile delivery

Reaching the last mile of service delivery.

Institutional challenges

Unpacking the implementation challenges within an existing institutional framework to scale a given innovation.

Shifting mindsets

Addressing complex development problems requires impacting behavioral challenges and mindset changes that take time and unique interventions to overcome.


  • Understanding the problem within the whole systemUnderstanding the system
    • A system is designed to produce exactly the results that we observe. The challenge is to understand why the system is producing the results it is producing. We use different techniques to:
      • Deconstruct the challenge the organization is facing.
      • Understand the role each counterpart plays in perpetuating the current results.
  • Systemic approachDesign thinking at the communicty level
    • Part of our analysis is to identify where to get better impact. For that we use:
      • Important breakdown points of implementation (Systems thinking).
      • Stakeholder analysis.
      • Human center design thinking – ultimate beneficiary.
  • Implementation takes time and we will be there for as long as you need us.IMAGO and Poverty Stoplight team
    • We see IMAGO´s team as co-creators in the scaling-up challenge. Our clients are our partners in addressing today’s complex development challenges.