Scaling Up for Social Impact.

A five-week course that will give you an analytical framework to understand and assess the different pathways to scale, your organization's readiness to scale, and the strategy, operations and systems you need in order to reach it.
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Time Commitment

4-6 Hours per week


5 weeks,

1 live session per week




$1200 per person, $2500 per organization up to 3 members

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What you will learn

  • Different pathways to scale and scaling up approaches
  • An analytical framework to prepare your organization for the scaling up process
  • Lessons and pitfalls to avoid from organizations who have done it successfully
  • What evidence you need to learn and adapt through the scaling up process

Who should participate

  • CEOs, COOs, managers and decision-makers who are trying to take an initiative or an organization to scale.
  • This course is especially relevant to managers and other leaders who are working on an intervention that has proven potential for social impact at a greater scale, has been in operations for 2-3 years and is ready to go to the next level.
  • Organizations are highly encouraged to take this course in cohorts of 2 to -3 decision makers that are highly involved in the intervention you want to scale.

Know the Instructors.

Isabel Guerrero

Isabel Guerrero

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Scaling Up, Livelihoods

Isabel Guerrero

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Scaling Up, Livelihoods

Isabel Guerrero is driven to change the world in which she lives. Throughout her career, she’s helped those with the least break out of the cycle of poverty while celebrating the intrinsic beauty and dignity in each person. With this goal in mind, Isabel and Zachary Green co-founded IMAGO Global Grassroots, an organization focused on giving people living in poverty the tools to build their own destiny. Isabel worked for 30 years at the World Bank, including five years as Vice-President for the South Asia region, managing a US$39 billion portfolio.
While presenting a different set of challenges, Isabel’s work with IMAGO offers tremendous potential to change the world through tackling some of the most intractable development problems we face today.

In addition to her work with IMAGO, Isabel is on the board of the Presencing Institute at MIT and a Council Member of the United Nations University. She is an economist from London School of Economics and a psychoanalyst trained at the Washington Psychoanalytic Society. Isabel teaches “Scaling Up for Development Impact” at Harvard and is a Senior Lecturer in leadership at MIT.

Zachary Green

Zachary Green

Co-Founder & Director for Leadership and Training

Zachary Green

Co-Founder & Director for Leadership and Training

Zachary has 30 years of experience working with grassroots organizations, helping them unleash possibilities and reach their deeper potential. He has a PhD in Clinical and Community Psychology from Boston University, and Med in Counseling from Cleveland University. He is an executive coach, Professor of Practice, and the Associate Director of the Leadership Institute at the University of San Diego.

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