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Get Involved.

By making a donation today, you are joining a network of supporters invested in changing development thinking. Your support allows us to continue our work with a wide variety of organizations to build capacity and scale impact in a way that respects their unique context and strengths. IMAGO Global Grassroots is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, nonprofit organization.
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Why support IMAGO?

At Imago we are working for a world in which the innovations and solutions developed by the poor reach global scale. Your generous contribution makes possible our work with mission driven organizations that have demonstrated impact working on the very front lines of eliminating poverty, but don’t have access to the resources necessary for scaling that impact.

Explore our last annual report showcasing Imago’s incredible efforts in supporting mission-driven organizations to amplify their impact. Within these reports, you will find a comprehensive overview of our work as well as summary financial statements.

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