IMAGO Global Grassroots is committed to working with grassroots organizations and their members to transform poverty into dignity and material well-being. We work around the world with existing organizations to enhance their strengths, build their capacity, and scale up their impact in a way that respects their unique context, attributes and evolution.

IMAGO works in 3 ways:

  • Co-creating a strategy formulation process to decide on priority areas of focus, while training organizations to develop their in-house capacity.
  • Building the research capacity in organizations to conduct their own research, diagnosis and monitoring and evaluation of their programs.
  • Assembling multidisciplinary teams through innovation to address specific challenges that organizations face when going to scale.

Areas of Work

human resourcesHuman Resources

Support organizations going to scale to identify the gaps between their current human resource practices and those needed to meet the demands of an expanded mission. Read More…


Advise organizations on technical innovations and the system design that will allow the organizations to scale in a sustainable way. Read More…


Help identify strategic tensions and accompany organizations through the process of formulating the scaling up vision and the strategy. Read More…