We work with grassroots organizations to define their scaling up strategy over the medium term. The process starts by taking stock of existing strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities for greater impact and ends with a strategy roadmap. This opportunity for reflection is always welcomed since most organizations are always dealing with day-to- day needs and find stepping back a rich and worthwhile opportunity.

Through a participatory approach, that involves focus groups at different levels, we help surface the strategic tensions that are always present within an organization. We create an environment where these tensions are discussed and resolved, and we support this process through creation of safe spaces and trust building within the organization. Finding out what the group is thinking has a powerful effect on individual members, where they either feel validated or appreciate how their view will impact what may be necessary to change if the organization is to scale.

An important part of the strategy work is to decide what not to do and where the focus of the scaling up effort is needed for success. This decision making process builds on the identification of strategic tensions and culminates with a vision for scaling up which is shared and known throughout the organization which is encapsulated in the strategy roadmap.