After many years working within the international development world, Isabel Guerrero and Zachary Green identified a serious gap, a missing middle. They realized that although large entities like governments and global agencies have the resources for financing large projects, their business models are not designed to help local organizations succeed. Most of these grassroots projects are not able to scale their impact in spite of providing effective development solutions. With an understanding that top down development projects struggle to reach the poorest of the poor, they recognized a new approach was needed.

From this joint realization, Isabel and Zachary founded IMAGO Global Grassroots, a non-profit that collaborates with entrepreneurs at the base of the pyramid and helps grow their social businesses to scale. In biology IMAGO is the last stage of the growth process in an insect, when it attains maturity and finds its wings. IMAGO Global Grassroots helps its clients accelerate the process of finding their wings so they can develop their inborn potential and scale their impact.

Since its founding in 2014, IMAGO’s innovative model, which revolves around a high-touch relationship and multidisciplinary expertise, has worked with social enterprises around the world. IMAGO has successfully supported some of the most iconic organizations of our times, whose work has collectively impacted over 10 million lives across the globe.

Though IMAGO has been able to help its clients through significant transformation, the team remains steadfast in their belief that the best people to solve a problem are those closer to it and that we should first look for solutions developed by the poor as the answer to some of the most difficult poverty challenges.