Ideas & Insights

Featured Series.

Collections of curated interviews, reflections, and ideas on topics that matter in development.

Workshops and Webinars.

A significant part of Imago’s work involves hosting and co-hosting webinars and workshops for organizations in the international development community. These webinars are based on a variety of topics, ranging from adaptive evaluations to feminine leadership, and organizational resilience.

Leaders on Scaling Up.

Imago’s Executive Director and Co-founder, Isabel Guerrero, sits down with prominent leaders in the international development community to discuss scaling up, as well as different projects they are working on within the sector.

Featured Interviews.

Imago interviews prominent people in the development world about their journey, ideas, seminal works, and significant contributions.

Feminine Leadership Dialogue Series.

The Feminine Leadership Dialogue Series hosted by Imago in 2021 for Lever for Change's Bold Solutions Network features inspiring women leaders who share their stories and reflections on what feminine leadership means to them.

Ideas & Musings.

A repository of IMAGO's intellectual insights and ruminations grounded in our experience working in the development space

Inspirations at Work.

Inspirations at Work is a series in which we reach out to eminent thought leaders whose ideas not only inspire our thinking but also frequently inform how we work at Imago. The series is intended to delve into how these ideas came about, deep-dive into the idea itself and its many manifestations, and capture it from the voices of the individuals that nurtured and created it.

Conversations With Female Leaders.

IMAGO values the input of prominent female leaders and sits down with leaders of organizations across the world to discuss various issues for women in the poorer communities, especially given the pandemic.

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