At IMAGO we are working for a world in which the innovations and solutions developed by the poor reach a global scale. The support of our donors makes possible the work we do with organizations that are changing the lives of girls in India and Africa, children in Harlem, women in the informal sector in India, farmers in marginal lands, the homeless in Houston, Maasai women in Kenya and Tanzania, and families in the base of the pyramid in Mexico City. Through our work with these organizations, you also support IMAGO’s continued contribution to shifting the international development paradigm.

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For reference:

  • $30 pays for the materials of one participant for a workshop on how social enterprises and grassroots organizations can scale their impact. 
  • $150 partially contributes to training and educating trainers in women-led grassroots organizations to incorporate practices that help unlock their potential for transformation, growth, and impact.
  • $250 helps individuals working on the frontlines of health for the homeless population in Houston, TX, take the time to reflect, reconnect, and recharge. 
  • $500 contributes to the care and coaching of frontline teachers in India who work tirelessly to transform education through technology in this time of crisis. 
IMAGO Global Grassroots is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
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