Ideas & Insights Applications of an Adaptive Evaluation approach to assess...

Applications of an Adaptive Evaluation approach to assess SEWA’s Women’s Enterprise Support System


Feb 21st 2024

A link to the full presentation is here.

Abstract: For the past three years, Imago Global Grassroots has been applying “Adaptive Evaluation” techniques to assess interventions by SEWA’s Women Enterprise Support System to selected member enterprises. This webinar highlights the use of Adaptive Evaluation in this specific context, with illustrated examples of process tracing results. It is intended to showcase how an Adaptive Evaluation works in practice, as well as elucidate some of its key techniques and methodology.

This webinar is hosted by Imago Global Grassroots, with the participation of three distinguished panelists: Michael Woolcock, Lead Social Scientist at the World Bank and Adjunct Lecturer at the Harvard Kennedy School, Sapna Desai, Senior Fellow at the Population Council Initiative, and Bidisha Barooah, Lead Economist at the International Fund for Agricultural Development.

The webinar is part of a learning workshop for an evaluation grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.