The Dance Place.

Who they are

The Dance Place builds a community of artists, audiences and students, committed to enriching the field of dance locally, nationally and internationally and the thriving arts campus serves as an anchor in the evolution and development of their neighborhood in Washington, DC.

IMAGO worked with Dance Place as the organization began the transition from their founding director to new leadership, supporting the Dance Place board members and staff in the cultivation of a sense of place that extends beyond the iconic and charismatic leadership.

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Why is this organization Amazing?

IMAGO has grown over years working alongside some of the most iconic social organizations around the world.

We have two offices in India and Paraguay to help expand our work in the Latam and South Asia regions and have the great honor of working with a strong network of senior advisors who bring additional multidisciplinary expertise to our projects as well as incredible partners to support organizational transformation and growth across many countries including India, the United States, Paraguay, Mexico, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria, and Zambia.

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What IMAGO has done with ‘The Dance Place’.

Our team is exceptionally diverse, combining people from different cultural backgrounds and sectoral expertise, including professors from Harvard’s Kennedy School and the University of San Diego who offer a wide range of tools for navigating and responding to adaptive challenges in uncertain times. We are a group of 12 staff and an extended network of experienced professionals working across the globe who are fully dedicated to specific projects and draw from economics, design-thinking, psychology, social work and other sciences to help solve common organizational failures that prevent organizations from scaling up their innovations.

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