IMAGO believes in working collaboratively to co-create solutions. We are pleased to share our resources with partners, clients, and those working in community based development, scaling up, measuring well-being, and similar areas.

Community Based Development

IMAGO’s core mission is to help established grassroots organizations scale up, both working directly with the organizations themselves, and engaging in documentation, analysis and debate on the issues involved. Read More about “”

On Scaling Up

Scaling up an innovation or organization is a classic issue for the private sector, governments, and NGOs alike. It is often particularly challenging for community-based organizations. Read More about “”

Leadership & Organization

An important part of IMAGO’s practice is to transform organizations and develop leadership consistent with both core values and new demands, typically involving in-depth, “co-creative” processes with the organizations. Read More about “”

Measuring Well-being

Developing data management systems that are both manageable for the organizations and are inclusive of the values that they seek to sustain is a major challenge—and an important part of IMAGO’s work. Read More about “”