The question of how to scale up an innovation or organization is a classic issue for the private sector, for governments, and for non-government organizations. It is often particularly challenging for community-based organizations—that is the central focus of IMAGO’s work. But it is important to understand the scaling challenge in relation to the issues also faced in the private and government sector. Doing this is part of IMAGO’s work. See the following:

A special issue of the Stanford Social Innovations Review  examines the lessons that the Bangladesh-based NGO BRAC and other leading organizations have learned about scaling up social innovations in the developing world, especially in South Asia. Isabel Guerrero has co-authored a piece for this issue on the role of donors in building broad social ecosystems for scaling up social innovations, particularly in the developing world.

Creating a Funding Environment for Scaling Up Social Impact

An overview piece by Isabel Guerrero and Michael Walton discusses how scaling relates to three classic “failures” in the development process: market failures; government failures; and organizational failures.

Why Is It so Hard for Organizations at the Base of the Pyramid to Go to Scale?

Isabel Guerrero teaches a course on scaling up at the Harvard Kennedy School.  See the syllabus for the course structure and additional readings.

Harvard Kennedy School DEV-320M Syllabus 2017